Friday, December 04, 2020


These photos were meant to be on yesterday's post, but the action wouldn't work on Blogger.  Today it does, so I'll post them here.

Jesse DesRosier, peaceful warrior

Jesse DesRosier and Darrell Robes Kipp
Generational rewewal

Yesterday I renewed my membership to Vimeo and asked for "Blackfeet" vids.  I was delighted to find myself as a conference of Blackfeet speakers at St. Mary's Lodge some years ago.  It appears to be led by Dorothy Still Smoking, who was too bashful to talk in my first year of teaching in 1961 but since there has earned a D.Ed. and presented her thesis in London, England.  Darrell always said he was sitting on his porch by St. Marys Lake when Dorothy came along and she told him,  "Get off that porch!  We have work to do!"  In the end she meant the Piegan Institute since the public school was wary of teaching Blackfeet language.

I can spot Shirlee Crowshoe who was vital to the scholarly work that is also a part of Piegan Institute.  I see Molly Bullshoe who was the Blackfeet language expert in Heart Butte.  And I notice that this was a generation of women who grew accustomed to permed hair and now need bifocals!

It will take me days to work through the rest of the vids.  We've come a long way from the first experiments by Miss LoPiccolo and her students in Heart Butte about 1991.  Some of these vids are historical, reformatted films, and some are creative by individuals.  

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